Friday, April 15, 2016


CONFESSION:  I have never written a blog.
TRUER CONFESSION: I have never even read a blog!

So now you know something about me.  There is something else you should know about me.  I am willing to be a leader in the United Methodist Church.  

Here's why: 

The Top 5 Reasons Why I'm Willing To Be A Leader in the UMC 

1.  Because I feel that God has both called and equipped me for this.  Not coincidentally, this is the same reason why I became a UM pastor in the first place.  This is also the same reason why I agreed to become a district superintendent 7 years ago.  And if there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is that to ignore God's call is pure folly.  And hubris.
2.  Because I love the United Methodist Church.  I was baptized in it, confirmed in it, married in it, ordained in it, and have served in it as a clergy person for the last 30 years.   It has nurtured me, blessed me, strengthened me, inspired me, challenged me, encouraged me, fed me, and frustrated the daylights out of me.  It's my church, warts and all.   

3.  Because the United Methodist Church needs me.  One of the great takeaways from my time with the Marine Corps is the following credo: "All problems are leadership problems."  Frankly, our church has a leadership problem.  And because God has blessed me with strong leadership skills, I would like to use them to help reverse the decades-long trend of membership loss and cultural irrelevance.  Granted, the obstacles have never been greater.  But then, neither have the opportunities.  

4.  Because the last 4 years of my life have groomed me for this.  Since 2012, I have served on the appointment cabinet with 5 different bishops.  I don't know if that is some kind of record, but it has to be close.  Novelty aside, though, it has been a remarkable learning experience to work so closely with so many episcopal leaders.  Each brought different strengths and styles and emphases to the cabinet table, and I expect to take full advantage of that breadth of knowledge as a leader in the UMC.   

5.  Because we can do all things through him who strengthens us.  Enough said!

I invite you to keep your eyes and laptops open for my next blog.  

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